Best AI Tools for Online Courses

Mini Course Generator's AI Course Creator is a unique solution for creating comprehensive micro-learning journeys. is an AI-powered education assistant that offers personalized video courses with interactive features. With Unschooler, you can talk to videos, add information, and submit assignments to receive feedback from an AI mentor. This tool is perfect for anyone looking to identify their interests and skills, choose a career goal, and learn everything they need to know through project-based video courses.
MindSmith is an AI-powered tool that enables users to create and share micro-courses with ease. With its intuitive design tools, MindSmith helps users train teams, teach classes, and share knowledge in a clear and effective way. This education-assistant tool is perfect for industries and disciplines that are constantly evolving.
Broadn is an innovative AI tool designed to help startups and entrepreneurs broaden their horizons and follow their curiosity. With its advanced features, Broadn can help users gain valuable insights and make informed decisions.