Best AI Tools for Meetings

Chadview is an AI-powered real-time meetings assistant designed to help individuals preparing for technical job interviews, technical sales calls, and voice support.
Parrot AI
Parrot AI is an AI tool that enables businesses to collect, transcribe, and securely store important business experiences such as video conferences, presentations or customer calls.
Zoom IQ
Zoom IQ is an AI-powered tool that simplifies collaboration and enhances productivity by summarizing chat threads, drafting content for chats, emails, and whiteboard sessions, creating meeting agendas, and more. With its summarizer feature, Zoom IQ provides a summary of the thread, making it easy to catch up on missed conversations. The chat compose feature helps users find the right words by drafting a response for them, even rephrasing responses if needed. Additionally, the email-assistant feature suggests content for follow-up emails, based on meeting summaries with customers and completed tasks. Zoom IQ is the perfect tool for busy professionals who want to streamline their communication and boost their productivity.
Leexi is a conversational intelligence solution platform created by French-Belgian founders.
AI meeting assistant, meeting productivity, meeting transcription, action suggestions, app integration Flux is an AI meeting assistant that transcribes conversations and suggests actions based on the context. With Flux, you can focus on the conversation while it handles the mundane tasks. Flux integrates seamlessly with your favorite apps, from HubSpot to Jira, Notion, and beyond, ensuring a streamlined and efficient meeting experience.