Best AI Tools for Flashcards

Wisdolia is a powerful Chrome Extension that utilizes AI to create flashcards with questions and answers for any article or PDF. With this tool, you can easily improve your learning and studying habits by ingraining what you read. Wisdolia allows you to save your flashcards to Anki, which has a built-in spaced repetition system, making it easier for you to remember what you've learned.
LitGrades is an AI-powered education assistant that offers personalized flashcards for various grade levels and subjects. With its user-friendly interface, users can easily access tailored flashcards for their specific needs. LitGrades features Home, Explore, Register, and Login sections, making it easy to navigate. Its wide range of subjects covered ensures that users can find flashcards for any topic they need.
Paperclips is an AI-based tool that generates high-quality flashcards from PDFs of course notes using ChatGPT, making it easier for students to learn and prepare for exams.
FlashcardX is an AI learning tool designed to build a flashcard deck for any given text.
Roshi AI
Introducing Roshi AI, an education-assistant tool that instantly generates summaries, vocabulary lists, questions, and activities from any YouTube video or online article for your students. Enhance your teaching experience with this innovative AI-powered solution.