Best AI Tools for Document Data Extraction

Cradl AI
Cradl AI is a powerful developer tool that allows you to build custom document parsing models in seconds. With its intuitive interface, you can easily train your own parser to extract data from any document layout, including invoices, receipts, and tax forms. This fully customizable tool is designed to handle any language and layout, making it a must-have for developers looking to streamline their document processing. is an AI-powered data extraction tool designed to automate data extraction from various documents, such as receipts, bank statements, identity documents, etc.
AI-powered document parser, data extraction, structured data, PDFs, emails, automation Parsio is an AI-powered document parser that automates data extraction from PDFs, emails, and other documents. With Parsio, you can extract structured data from your documents automatically, saving you time and effort. Its key features include AI-powered data extraction, customizable parsing rules, and support for multiple document types. By using Parsio, you can benefit from increased efficiency, accuracy, and productivity.