Best AI Tools for Data Analytics

What is the AI tool? What does it do? What problem does it solve?
Vizly is an AI tool that automates data analysis and visualization to generate insights and build intuitive dashboards.
Rath by Kanarie
Kanaries RATH is an AI-enhanced data exploration tool designed to automate discovery patterns, insights, and visualization from multi-dimensional data.
Mnemonic AI
Mnemonic AI analyses both owned and public data to generate detailed personalities and psychographic profiles of clients, completely automated and data-driven.
Sloped is an AI-powered search tool that allows users to generate insights from plain text searches. It aims to make understanding your data easier by turning data queries into shareable and easy-to-read dashboards.
Meeple is an AI-powered assistant designed to help sales teams close more deals by automating call analysis and sales material creation.
Relevance AI
Relevance AI is a platform designed to analyze and visualize unstructured data without coding skills.
WhitelistAssisterr is an AI-powered tool designed to provide web3 analytics for decentralized networks.
Lebesgue is an AI-powered marketing analytics tool designed to help e-commerce businesses optimize their marketing decisions and boost ROI. is a platform that allows you to create a Question Answering Bot that can accurately respond to queries in natural language using data from any website or source.
ProbeAI is an innovative tool designed to assist data analysts in their day-to-day tasks. By leveraging the power of AI, ProbeAI offers a range of features that streamline the process of working with SQL code and data tables.
SmartflowAI is a powerful AI tool that simplifies workflows like market research, summaries, landscaping, and business analysis. With its complex Generative AI Tech Stack, SmartflowAI offers a variety of pre-built workflows that save companies time and resources. The platform combines a range of algorithms, AI models, and Data APIs to create unique intelligent flows.
Delineate is a platform that offers an easy-to-use solution for generating machine learning-driven predictive models for a range of purposes.
Introducing FounderAssist, an AI-powered assistant designed to help founders and startups navigate the complexities of business modeling and market analysis, saving time and resources while increasing their chances of success. πŸš€
Nuclia AI Search
Introducing Nuclia, the ultimate developer tool to deliver AI search and generative answers into your product. With Nuclia, you can easily index your unstructured data from any internal or external source. This powerful tool can handle video and audio transcription, image content extraction, and document parsing, making it the perfect solution for businesses of all sizes.
Introducing Finalle, an AI-powered tool designed to analyze massive streams of real-time financial data, providing you with valuable insights to stay ahead in the market. πŸ’ΉπŸ“ˆ
Batch GPT
Introducing Batch GPT, an AI-powered tool designed to supercharge your daily tasks like classification, transformation, parsing, translation, and copywriting, making them 10x faster and more efficient. Boost your productivity with this no-code solution!
One AI
Introducing One AI: A powerful language AI tool that enables you to integrate cutting-edge text, audio, and video analysis capabilities into your product in just days. Choose from our extensive library, fine-tune, or create your own custom solutions for seamless scalability.
Introducing TableTalk, an AI-powered SQL assistant that simplifies database management by providing a natural language interface for seamless communication. Get instant answers to your database queries as if you're talking to a human, making data analysis more efficient and user-friendly.
Looking for a way to quickly analyze your data and gain valuable insights? Look no further than Lookup! This powerful AI-powered analytics platform allows you to import your data and get answers to your questions in seconds. With Lookup, you can save time and increase productivity by getting from data to insight 10X faster.
Infranodus is an AI-powered tool that utilizes network thinking and text analysis to generate ideas and insights. With its advanced features, including network visualization and GPT-3 AI, Infranodus can help users enhance their reading, writing, and research workflows. This sales-assistant tool is designed to provide users with a comprehensive understanding of any discourse, making it an essential tool for professionals in various industries.
Viable is a no-code AI tool that automates qualitative data analysis while maintaining high quality. With Viable, you can easily analyze customer support data without the need for manual processing.
Introducing Seek, the no-code SQL assistant that empowers you to ask your data anything and receive instant answers. With its intelligent data layer, Seek provides a seamless experience for users to access and analyze their data without the need for complex coding.
Ask String
Introducing Ask String: An AI-powered analytics tool that understands both structured and unstructured data, providing intelligent insights and taking initiatives beyond just following orders. Transform your data analytics journey with Ask String, the captain of exploration in the world of intelligent collaboration.
Introducing, an AI-powered SQL assistant designed to make data analysis as simple as having a conversation with a colleague. Harness the power of data effortlessly and save time with this innovative tool.
Introducing TheLoops, an AI-powered CX operations platform that provides Support and Success leaders with real-time insights into customer, agent, and product data, enabling better decision-making and revenue tracking without the need for a data team.
Introducing Nuclia, the ultimate developer tool for optimizing search results! With Nuclia, you can easily index your unstructured data from any internal or external source. This powerful tool can handle video and audio transcription, image content extraction, and document parsing, making it the perfect solution for businesses of all sizes.