Best AI Tools for Crypto Market Analysis

DYORAI: Your Personal Crypto Research Assistant
DYORAI is an AI-powered crypto research tool that automates the research process for cryptocurrency projects, providing fundamental and sentimental analysis. It saves you time by doing all the research on your behalf, providing valuable information that helps you make informed investment decisions. With features like sentimental analysis, social media activity and legitimacy, fundamental analysis, tokenomics, market activity, contracts security, future events, and smart AI portfolio score, DYORAI is the ultimate personal crypto research assistant. It even suggests investment opportunities by identifying high-potential crypto gems under a 10 million dollar market cap. DYORAI is perfect for crypto investors, traders seeking valuable insights, and users aiming to improve their crypto portfolio performance.
Ojamu is an AI and blockchain-powered platform offering intelligent solutions for brands to optimize digital strategies in the Web 3.0 economy.
Amy by
Amy is based on ChatGPT from OpenAI, but it is being further trained with specific case examples to provide more accurate and customized results for users.