Best AI Tools for Coding Help

Sanjaya chatbot
Sanjaya is an AI assistant trained on the ancient Indian epic, Mahabharata, by Kisari Mohan Ganguli.
Refact AI
Refact is a powerful AI coding assistant designed to make programming enjoyable without compromising privacy. It offers various features to help developers maximize the power of AI in their code.
CodeMate AI
CodeMate AI is a powerful code assistant that helps developers improve their coding productivity, ensure code quality, and optimize their code. With features like error fixing, code review, and code optimization, CodeMate makes coding easier and more efficient. It also offers custom-trained LLMs on synthetic datasets, ensuring capabilities beyond ChatGPT. CodeMate is fully secured and never reads or stores your codebase for any training purpose. With its own AI-powered Web IDE and VS Code extension, CodeMate offers a seamless coding experience. Whether you're an individual developer or part of a team, CodeMate is a valuable tool for any software project.
Warp AI
Warp AI is a code assistant and developer tool that can help you with console errors, script writing, and complex installations. With no need for external tools or context switching, Warp AI's key advantage is its interaction with terminal inputs and outputs. It's fast, private, secure, and backwards compatible.
Introducing CodiumAI, an innovative AI-powered code assistant designed to automate Code Integrity and generate meaningful test suites interactively within your IDE. Currently supporting Python with JS & TS support coming soon, CodiumAI streamlines your development process.
Introducing GitFluence, an AI-driven code assistant that simplifies your Git experience by generating the right commands for you. Save time and boost your productivity with Git Command Generator. πŸš€