Best AI Tools for Chatting

Are you lonely? Got no friends or partners to talk to? These secure and private AI tools are the perfect therapist for you! Find all the AI tools that are built for chatting, either with a real person or your virtual companion. You can build your own friend that develops more personality the more you talk to them, or ask it to become someone you would love to talk to! You can even get an AI Girlfriend who will listen to your rants and burdens and offer ease of heart by being a good listener. You can also get a sex AI Chatbot that can be sexting with you any time of the day - and even generate sexy AI pictures.

Notion AI
Notion AI is a writing-assistant tool that utilizes the power of AI to enhance your writing experience. With this tool, you can write faster, think bigger, and augment your creativity, all within any Notion page. Notion AI is the perfect productivity tool for anyone looking to streamline their writing process and take their work to the next level.
QR Code Generator
We use the QR code image as the initial image and the control image, which allows you to generate QR Codes that blend in very naturally with your provided prompt. The strength parameter defines how much noise is added to your QR code and the noisy QR code is then guided towards both your prompt and the QR code image via Controlnet. This mode arguably achieves the asthetically most appealing QR code images, but also requires more tuning of the controlnet conditioning scale and the strength value. If the generated image looks way to much like the original QR code, make sure to gently increase the strength value and reduce the conditioning scale. Also check out the examples below.
Its main focus is offering emotional support and serving as a sounding board for users' thoughts and emotions.
Whether you're an artist, writer, designer, or content enthusiast, Vitalentum is the creative powerhouse that empowers you to explore, create, and showcase your talents.
AI Vercel Playground
AI Playground by Vercel Labs is an online platform that enables users to explore, compare, and fine-tune some of the most advanced AI language models available today.
Ask2End is an AI-powered tool that enables users to ask any question and receive an answer using advanced AI technology. With support for multiple languages, users can enter their question and receive the ultimate answer in seconds.
Kuki Ai
Kuki Ai is an AI-powered tool that mimics human conversations and can ask questions. With a million potential responses, Kuki rarely repeats herself and remembers users' names, likes, and dislikes. This fun tool has modeled for top luxury brands, hosted events and TV segments, teleported via hologram, and even thrown parties in their Roblox Game.
As a personal assistant, Feyn aims to provide users with a high level of intelligence and intuition when assisting with various tasks.
OSS Chat
Designed for developers and communities, this open-source software enables easy access and sharing of knowledge, code, and best practices.
Jedi GPT
JediGPT is an AI tool designed to provide users with a chatbot experience, personifying a Jedi Master who offers guidance and mentorship.
Perplexity AI
Perplexity AI is a powerful research assistant and search engine that utilizes large language models and search engines to provide accurate results. With the ability to answer Twitter graph queries by translating natural language to SQL code, this tool is a game-changer for researchers and data analysts.
The GPT Who Lived
Introducing "The GPT Who Lived," an AI-powered Harry Potter QA tool that provides engaging answers to your wizarding world queries, with adjustable "butterbeer" settings to control the randomness of the responses. Dive into the magical realm with this fun and interactive tool!
Introducing Promptist, the ultimate prompts assistant for Stable Diffusion v1-4. With its prompt interface, users can optimize their input into model-preferred prompts, resulting in faster and more accurate generation. This tool is perfect for those looking to streamline their workflow and improve their model's performance.
Andi is a cutting-edge search engine powered by generative AI that provides users with answers instead of just links. With Andi, you can have a conversation with a smart friend and get the information you need quickly and easily.