Best AI Tools for Chat GPT

Chatbot UI
Chatbot UI is an advanced chatbot kit for OpenAI chat models that mimics the interface and functionality of ChatGPT.
AnonChatGPT is an innovative AI-powered chat tool that provides users with an anonymous platform to engage in conversations without the need to create an account or register.
AI.LS is an advanced chatbot built on the ChatGPT API, providing users with a faster and more convenient way to interact with ChatGPT.
ZipZap is a free AI assistant powered by ChatGPT API, available as a multi-browser extension that resides in the corner of your browser.
By enabling AI-powered conversations via SMS, GPT SMS empowers users to access information, seek assistance, and engage with an AI assistant conveniently and effortlessly.
UnlimitedGPT is a proxy that allows users to access all the features of ChatGPT for free. T
ChatSite By Databerry
DataberryChat is a user-friendly, no-code solution that allows you to connect your data to ChatGPT in minutes. It helps you set up a semantic search system over your personal data without any technical knowledge.
DeskSense is an AI-powered Chrome extension designed to provide fast answers, efficient cloud storage, and seamless collaboration.
ChatLit Codes
A powerful tool that utilizes the GPT API to summarize web pages and allows users to ask questions about the content.
Prompta is a keyboard-focused tool designed to bring convenience and productivity to your fingertips. With added security, users can bring their own API key for added privacy.
AutoQuery GPT
AutoQuery GPT is a tool that allows users to ask questions and get answers automatically from ChatGPT, providing time-saving and performance benefits.
Commander GPT
Commander GPT is a powerful desktop application that enhances your AI experience by providing a simple command interface for accessing ChatGPT without leaving your keyboard. With features like Chat, Generate images, Translate, and YouTube videos, Commander GPT is designed to make your workflow faster and more efficient. You can access it with a single command, customize your assistant, and view your history. With Commander GPT, you can work smarter, not harder.
Design Ducky
Integrated with both GPT3 and GPT4 models, Design Ducky offers an advanced and efficient experience for users.
ChatMind is a Chat-guided Mind Mapping tool. Through the 'Chat with Chatmind' Interface, we seamlessly integrate the power of AI into your mind mapping workflow, combines the power of conversation with AI to spark creativity. Unlock your full potential and experience an astonishing 10x boost in your creative output with Chatmind.
TypingMind is a productivity tool that simplifies the process of using ChatGPT and supports GPT-4. With its user-friendly interface, users can easily access features such as chat history search, prompt library, and integrations. The tool can be run locally on a browser without the need for logging in, and users can use their own API key without any monthly fees.
Cmd J
Cmd J is an AI-powered Chrome extension designed to boost productivity with various features.
A tool you can trust: IntelliBar is just a UI for the ChatGPT API, ensuring your questions go directly to the ChatGPT API and no one else
ChatCraft is a web-based AI assistant specifically designed to help software developers with their tasks. By utilizing an OpenAI API key, ChatCraft can provide valuable insights and guidance to developers to streamline their workflow and increase productivity.
Ai chatbot
Enjoy the benefits of this advanced chatbot for free, making your interactions seamless and efficient.
Helper AI
Helper-AI allows you to have the most recent model of Gpt-4 at your fingertips. You will receive the whole source code for helper-AI, allowing you to alter it and resell it.
Perpend is a UI wrapper that allows for easy experimentation with OpenAI's GPT models. Key features and advantages of Perpend include:
GPT Quickbar
Say goodbye to ChatGPT downtimes and unleash the power of a versatile AI assistant right from your desktop. Press a simple shortcut to access our AI helper, designed to answer any questions and assist with a wide range of tasks at any time.
Introducing QuickGPT, the ultimate life-assistant tool that provides easy access to ChatGPT. With QuickGPT, users can access ChatGPT from the menu bar, Dock, or using a keyboard shortcut, making it a convenient and time-saving tool. Designed for users who want to change the world, QuickGPT is the perfect solution for those who want to make their lives easier and more efficient.
Rolemodel AI
Rolemodel.AI is a platform that lets you create and customize your own personal AI assistant for personal growth and productivity.
Query Kitty
QueryKitty is the ultimate Chrome extension powered by ChatGPT πŸ’¬, designed to bring the power of AI to any website you visit. With just a click, you can open a chatbox that allows you to interact with the website in ways you never thought possible. QueryKitty's key features include transforming selected text into social content, newsletters, articles, and more with just a right-click, getting accurate answers to your questions in seconds, boosting your social media growth on platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and more, composing effective emails quickly and easily with LLMs, automating your spreadsheets with formulas and Google App scripts, creating custom code modules to enhance your projects, and saving frequently used prompts. With QueryKitty, you can increase your productivity and efficiency while browsing the web.
ChatGPT API delivers native ChatGPT services based on OpenAI, providing a seamless and convenient ChatGPT chat experience without the need for official OpenAI registration or payment thresholds.
AiCogni ChatGPT Voice AI Assistant is an AI-powered communication tool designed to transform user interaction with technology.
FutureDesk is an AI-powered chatbot interface that enhances the way users interact with ChatGPT. With features like chat organization tools, built-in prompts and experts, custom tool creation, and personalized settings, users can keep their chats neat and tidy while increasing productivity. FutureDesk also offers document uploads, chat copy and export, team collaboration, and image generation, making it a versatile tool for various activities. With its user-friendly interface and advanced settings options, FutureDesk is the ultimate productivity assistant for anyone looking to streamline their chat experience. Try FutureDesk today and take your productivity to the next level!
PeakGPT - A flexible assistant for any website, powered by ChatGPT 3.5 Turbo.
Magai is an AI-powered content creation tool designed to streamline workflow and elevate projects. is a powerful AI tool that offers simple implementation, model selection, and API integration. With, users can easily choose from a variety of AI models, including OpenAI, Together, Cohere, or even an AI running on their computer. This tool is perfect for those looking to implement a chatbot in their web application, enhance their favorite apps with AI capabilities, or experiment with different AI models in real-time. With its productivity-focused features, is the perfect tool for anyone looking to streamline their workflow and take their productivity to the next level.
Frank AI
Frank is an AI-powered search and content creation engine that offers users an ads-free experience for searching, brainstorming, and creating text and images.
Introducing Wisdomai, the AI-powered conversational chat tool that offers insights for digital course coaching programs, membership sites, team meetings, knowledge bases, and training. With Wisdomai, you can train the tool with your content and receive fully referenced responses that showcase your expertise as an influencer or thought leader.
ChatGPT Search Plugin
Pigro API is a powerful tool that can boost your ChatGPT retrieval plugin. Here are some key features and advantages:
Introducing Chatbase: An AI-powered chatbot that learns from your data and integrates seamlessly with your website. Transform your content into an interactive and engaging experience for your visitors. πŸŒπŸ’¬
AI chat assistant, copywriting assistance, templates, text assistance, Chrome extension Monica is the ultimate AI chat assistant and copywriting tool that streamlines communication and content creation. With over 80 templates, text assistance, and a Chrome extension, Monica makes it easy to provide seamless chat support and create compelling content.
Introducing, an AI-powered NoCode RPA Chrome Extension that automates web tasks, saving you time and money. Harness the power of a hybrid AI engine to get answers, summarize content, track prices, and monitor competitors.
GPT For Me
Introducing GPT For Me, an AI-powered tool designed to interact with personal or niche content beyond the scope of public GPT-3 models, perfect for tailored use cases and boosting productivity. πŸš€
TextGPT is an AI-powered tool that allows users to access OpenAI's GPT and Dall-E 2 through text messaging. With this tool, users can receive quick and accurate answers to any question they may have and generate realistic images with a simple text. TextGPT is perfect for those who need a life assistant that can provide them with instant answers and image generation capabilities.
ChatGPT For Search Engines
Introducing ChatGPT for Search Engines: Enhance your search experience with AI-powered answers to your questions, delivered in a conversational and natural language format.
FlowGPT is an AI tool designed to help users streamline their tasks and increase productivity. With FlowGPT, users can share, discover, and learn about the most useful ChatGPT prompts. This tool is perfect for those looking to optimize their workflow and get more done in less time.
Dust is a powerful developer tool that allows you to design and deploy large language model apps with ease. With years of experience working with large language models, Dust has been re-imagined to help accelerate their deployment. This no-code tool is perfect for developers who want to streamline their workflow and create high-quality language models quickly and efficiently.
Introducing WriteGPT, an AI-powered tool designed to boost productivity and transform professionals into superhuman taskmasters. Overcome unproductive browsing habits and streamline your workflow with this versatile and efficient tool.
Tooltips AI
Introducing Tooltips AI, an innovative extension that uses AI to provide simple explanations for highlighted words or paragraphs, enhancing your productivity and comprehension. πŸš€