Best AI Tools for Academic Research

Research Buddy
Research Buddy is an AI-powered tool that generates comprehensive Academic Literature Reviews with Harvard Referencing in minutes.
OpenRead is an AI-powered interactive platform designed to enhance the organization, interaction, and analysis of various literature formats.
Scite is an award-winning research assistant platform that enables users to discover and evaluate scientific articles through Smart Citations. With Smart Citations, users can easily see how a publication has been cited, providing context and classification to determine whether it supports or contrasts the cited claim. Scite's platform allows researchers, students, and evaluators to find relevant and well-supported results in one place.
Elicit is a powerful research assistant that utilizes language models to automate research workflows. With its advanced features, Elicit can find relevant papers even without a perfect keyword match, summarize key takeaways from the paper specific to your question, and extract crucial information from the papers. This tool is perfect for researchers who want to streamline their literature review process and save time.
Scispace is your ultimate AI Copilot for decoding any research paper. With its lightning-fast speed, you can easily read and comprehend scientific literature. This tool highlights confusing text, math, and tables to provide you with a simple explanation. You can also ask follow-up questions and get instant answers. Scispace is a new way to search and find relevant papers without specifying keywords.
Scholarcy is an AI-powered research and education assistant that can save you countless hours by providing summaries of large articles. With its ability to extract key facts, figures, and references in seconds, Scholarcy is a must-have tool for anyone looking to streamline their research process.