Aidaptive's predictive personalization platform gives online businesses the power to automatically predict the affinity and intent of prospective customers, then deliver personalized content to them in real time. Aidaptiveā€™s mission is to empower any sized eCommerce or hospitality brand with the power of enterprise-grade machine learning

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  • Personalized recommendations: Uses machine learning to tailor product recommendations, pricing, search results, and merchandising

  • Jarvis ML technology: Provides enterprise-grade machine learning for businesses of all sizes

  • Integration: Works with various data sources, such as Shopify, Guesty, Salesforce, and BigCommerce Use cases for Aidaptive cater to eCommerce and hospitality industries:

  • eCommerce brands seeking to enhance customer experience with personalized product recommendations

  • Hospitality businesses aiming to offer tailored services for improved customer satisfaction

  • Marketing teams looking to automate the process of predicting the best products to promote Overall, Aidaptive offers a powerful, AI-driven solution for creating more relevant offerings and fostering a loyal customer base, with white glove partner support for successful implementation.

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Marketing and Ecommerce

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