Interview with Elzat Erken - by Shauli Zack

Author: Community[email protected]
Publish on: 2023-09-05
Here's a quick look at the interview with Elzat Erken - Founder of AI Center.
Blog Pic Interview with Elzat Erken - by Shauli Zack

In late August, our founder Elzat had the privilege of being interviewed by Shauli Zacks from Safety Detectives about the rise of AI Tools and Software and the role AI Center is looking to play in this growing field.

Elzat talked about the rise of NLP (Natural Language Processing) Models and how the rise of the likes of ChatGPT has made AI, something that was mostly used in business, accessible and convenient for public use. There were also questions about the rise of AI Center, which non of our founders ever spoke of publicly.

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**We appreciate Shauli for the interview and for helping to bring AI Center's work to light. ** You can view the full interview Here