Use these 4 AI tools for prompt engineering

Author: Elzat[email protected]
Publish on: 2023-06-12
Discover the 4 top AI tools that will streamline your prompt engineering journey. Optimize results for ChatGPT and similar AI solutions to enhance your performance and efficiency.
Blog Pic Use these 4 AI tools for prompt engineering

In the rapidly evolving landscape of artificial intelligence (AI), prompt engineering has emerged as a pivotal skill, especially when working with models like ChatGPT. It's not just about issuing a command to an AI—it's about strategically crafting prompts that enable the AI to deliver the most effective and optimized results.

Just as a craftsman relies on a toolkit to perform his best work, prompt engineers need the right resources to truly excel. In this blog post, we will take a deep dive into four top-tier AI tools that promise to revolutionize your approach to prompt engineering. These tools, each with their unique strengths, will empower you to harness the full potential of AI technologies, enhance your performance, and optimize outcomes. So, whether you're an AI enthusiast, a professional developer, or a tech innovator, this guide will provide you with the necessary tools to master the art of prompt engineering

Top 4 AI tools for Prompt Engineering:

PromptHero AI

What is it?

PromptHero is a cloud-based platform designed for generating AI art and text-to-image models. It leverages some of the best specifically fine-tuned models leading AI image generation.

What does it do?

With PromptHero, users can generate stunning images using the same models professionals use, all without needing to install anything on their computers. A membership includes credits to generate up to 300 images per month. It supports all kinds of images, including GIFs. Additionally, PromptHero offers exclusive features that allow users to highlight the prompts they're most proud of and take control of their creations.

Who is it for?

PromptHero caters to a wide audience, including mid-sized businesses, small businesses, enterprises, freelancers, nonprofits, and government organizations. It is especially beneficial for anyone needing a platform that provides AI-generated art and text-to-image models.


PromptHero integrates with various applications and services, including ChatGPT, DALL·E 2, Midjourney, and Stable Diffusion.


PromptHero membership starts at $9 per month.

Best Use Cases

  1. Content Creation: Use AI to generate unique and captivating images for social media posts, blogs, websites, and other digital platforms.
  2. Digital Art: Artists can use the platform to experiment with AI-generated art, creating unique pieces that can be shared and sold.
  3. Education: Teachers and students can use the tool to explore AI and its applications in image generation.
  4. Prototyping: Designers can generate images quickly for mockups or prototypes.

SnackPrompt AI

SnackPrompt AI is a tool designed to enhance your ChatGPT experience. It offers a diverse range of curated prompts, community-driven rankings, and organizational features.


  • Curated Prompts: SnackPrompt AI provides a wide array of prompts that can stimulate your creativity.
  • Community-driven Rankings: The community drives the popularity and visibility of prompts, allowing users to access top prompts.
  • Organizational Features: Users can save and share their favorite prompts, follow leading prompt creators, and collaborate with teams.

Best Use Cases

  1. Stimulating Creativity: SnackPrompt can stimulate your creativity with diverse prompts from the community.
  2. Staying Organized: SnackPrompt helps users stay organized by allowing them to bookmark prompts and follow topics of interest.
  3. Enhancing ChatGPT Experience: SnackPrompt boosts your ChatGPT experience by seamlessly integrating prompts. AI AI is a versatile tool that offers various utilities to its users. It's designed to inspire, create, and organize prompts using AI.

Key Features

  1. AI Prompt Generator: This feature allows users to create new prompts and get inspired with AI-generated prompts.
  2. Starter Pack: A collection of tools designed for different applications. Some of the tools included are:
    • Monthly Content Calendar: Helps you create a content calendar for a month.
    • Article to Twitter Thread: Allows you to convert your articles into Twitter threads.
    • Marketing Assets Bundle: Provides all your marketing assets.
    • Midjourney Prompts: Offers prompts to assist you in the middle of your creative process.
    • Landing Hero Images: Generates AI hero images for your landing pages.
    • Video2Blog: Converts any video into a blog post.
  3. Notion Pack: An offering that lets you organize your prompts library. It emphasizes the importance of prompts in creating consistent AI images. With more than 400+ tags, the Notion Pack makes it easy to combine and understand how AI tags work.

Use Cases AI can be used in various scenarios like:

  1. Content Creation: With the help of the AI Prompt Generator, writers and content creators can generate innovative ideas and prompts for their content.
  2. Social Media Management: The Article to Twitter Thread tool can be used to repurpose blog content into a series of tweets, expanding the content's reach.
  3. Marketing: The Marketing Assets Bundle can be used by marketers to get all their marketing collateral in one place.
  4. Web Design: Landing Hero Images can provide unique, AI-generated images for website landing pages.
  5. Blogging: The Video2Blog tool allows bloggers or content creators to convert their videos into written blog posts.

PromptBase AI

PromptBase AI is a platform that enables the trade in prompts for generating specific imagery from image generators. This is a kind of meta-art market that allows "prompt engineers" to sell text descriptions that reliably produce a certain art style or subject on a specific AI platform. When you purchase a prompt, you receive a string of words that you can paste into an AI platform like Midjourney or DALL-E, and the result is a variation on a visual theme.

Key Features

  • The prompts provided by PromptBase are more complex than just a few words of description. They include keywords describing the intended aesthetic, important elements for a scene, and brackets where buyers can add their own variables to tailor the content.

  • Pricing for a prompt typically ranges from $2 to $5.

  • The platform takes a 20% commission, and prompt writers retain ownership of their work.

Use Cases

  • Artistic Purposes: Many users purchase prompts for the purpose of creating unique and visually appealing art.

  • Commercial Purposes: Some prompts are used for creating commercial art. However, the market for this is still developing and untested.

Skills Required for Prompt Creation

  • Programming: Helps in understanding how the service may interpret a prompt, which guides to more effective tinkering with it.

  • Artistic Skill: Important for creating prompts that are visually appealing.

  • Research: Helps in creating more accurate prompts. For example, when creating a prompt about someone getting a manicure, it might be beneficial to research nail terminology and preferred hand poses.

Constructing a Prompt

Creating a prompt involves the following steps:

  1. Getting a rough idea of what to accomplish.
  2. Narrowing things down to people, places, and things - the core actors or main drivers in the scene trying to construct.
  3. Using the service to generate a few rough prompts to get a feel for what the scene might look like.
  4. Starting with the big important strokes and then working in the finer details.

Compatibility with Other Systems

While most of the work on PromptBase AI seems to be DALL-E based, the prompt construction process can also be used with other systems like Midjourney. The choice of system depends on the needs of the user. DALL-E might be a better option for polished and professional images, while Midjourney offers more customization options.

Embracing the right AI tools is essential for mastering prompt engineering. With the four tools we've explored today, you're well on your way to getting the most out of platforms like ChatGPT and similar AI technologies. Remember, each tool offers unique features that, when used correctly, can greatly enhance your efficiency and the quality of results. Keep experimenting, stay updated, and most importantly, continue refining your prompt engineering skills as the AI landscape evolves.