Top 4 AI Essay Writing Tools: Revolutionizing Academic Writing and Beyond

Author: Elzat[email protected]
Publish on: 2023-06-14
Learn how modern AI writing tools can transform your writing process! By embracing cutting-edge technology, take your academic papers and other written content to the next level. With four top-of-the-line options available for you to explore, see how revolutionary AI capabilities can invigorate and elevate your writing today!
Blog Pic Top 4 AI Essay Writing Tools: Revolutionizing Academic Writing and Beyond

You probably wouldn't need to be great at writing essays as a STEM major, so let AI help you express what you want to write in minutes.

The world of writing has undergone a significant transformation with the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Today, students, academics, and professionals can leverage AI tools to enhance their writing capabilities and create impressive essays. These intelligent tools not only improve grammar and structure but also assist in generating creative ideas, ensuring a unique, high-quality result every time. In this article, we'll introduce the four best AI tools for writing essays, all designed to streamline your writing process and empower you to craft exceptional essays for school and other purposes. Let's get started with our list:


PerfectEssayWriter.AI is an AI-powered tool designed to assist students and professionals globally with essay writing. It is trusted by over 100,000 users worldwide and is used in many top institutions, including Stanford, Harvard, Columbia, and more.

What Does It Do?

PerfectEssayWriter.AI provides a range of tools to help with various aspects of essay writing, from idea generation to final polishing. Some of its key features include:

  1. Expert Writing Analysis and Support: This includes grammar & spell check, style and tone suggestions, plagiarism detection, citation generator, sentence structure analysis, and readability analysis.

  2. Innovative Content Creation and Optimization: Tools here include a content summarizer, content improver, paragraph generator, sentence expander, and vocabulary enhancement.

  3. Essay Writing Tools: This provides tools for custom essay writing, outlining, and generating thesis statements. It also has pre-built templates for different types of essays and a command tool that allows users to instruct the AI on what to write.

  4. Streamlined Process for Essay Mastery: Users select a tool, input their requirements, and allow the AI-driven tools to generate high-quality results in seconds.

Best Use Cases

PerfectEssayWriter.AI can be used in a variety of scenarios. Here are some of the best use cases:

  1. Admission Essay Writing: It can help students write winning admission essays to secure their spots at their dream schools.

  2. Research Paper Writing: With its structured, easy-to-use research paper templates, it can streamline the research writing process.

  3. Lab Report Writing: It can assist in creating clear and concise lab reports with well-organized, professional templates.

  4. Thesis Writing: It simplifies thesis writing with comprehensive, structured templates.

  5. Annotated Bibliography Creation: It can efficiently format and organize annotated bibliographies using customizable templates.

  6. Presentation Design: It can help design compelling presentations with professionally-crafted templates.

  7. Personal Statement Writing: It can aid in crafting strong, well-structured personal statements with expertly designed templates.

  8. Professional Letter Writing: It can help write professional, polished letters with versatile letter templates.

  9. Reflection Paper Writing: It can assist in capturing thoughts and insights effectively with thoughtfully designed reflection paper templates.

Write My Essays AI

Write My Essays AI is a versatile tool powered by advanced AI technology, designed to assist with various aspects of essay writing. Its primary function is to streamline the writing process and help enhance the quality of academic papers. It offers an array of smart writing tools under one roof, catering to the diverse needs of students and writers.

Key Features

Title Generator

The Title Generator is a handy tool that helps generate captivating essay topics with just a few clicks. When creativity fails, this tool can be a lifesaver by providing you with a compelling essay topic.

Essay Generator

With the Essay Generator, users can have their essays created in no time. Just enter a preferred title or use one generated by the Title Generator, and you're all set.

Paraphrasing Tool

The Paraphrasing Tool aids in making any content unique. It enables users to rewrite and personalize their essays, thereby enhancing the uniqueness and relevance of their content.

Conclusion Generator

The Conclusion Generator assists in wrapping up an essay appropriately. This tool summarizes the essay and helps derive practical conclusions, ensuring a strong finish to your work.

Citation Generator

The Citation Generator is an intelligent tool designed to assist with proper citation in different styles like MLA, APA, Chicago, and others, accommodating the diverse citation requirements of different institutions.

Plagiarism Checker

To ensure the originality of the work, the Plagiarism Checker is a crucial tool. It helps avoid potential issues related to a lack of citations or accidental plagiarism by providing precise plagiarism reports.

Best Use Cases

Write My Essays AI can be beneficial in a variety of scenarios:

  • For students struggling with finding an exciting topic for their essays, the Title Generator can be a perfect solution.
  • Those who find the task of writing an essay daunting can rely on the Essay Generator.
  • The Paraphrasing Tool can be particularly helpful for those looking to rewrite existing content for uniqueness.
  • The Conclusion Generator can help those having difficulty in concluding their essays effectively.
  • The Citation Generator is ideal for those who find the task of citation challenging or time-consuming.
  • For those looking to ensure their work is plagiarism-free, the Plagiarism Checker is an essential tool.


Essay-Builder.AI is a free AI-powered tool designed to assist in the creation of essays. It enables users to generate high-quality essays in a matter of seconds.

How does it work?

  1. Type your essay topic: Users are prompted to describe their essay topic in a few words. This allows the tool to ensure that the generated essay will align with the user's expectations.

  2. Choose your needs: After inputting the topic, users can select the number of paragraphs and the type of essay they need. The tool offers various essay types to cater to different requirements.

  3. Generate your essay: With the topic and preferences set, users simply need to click "Generate". The AI will then process the input and generate the essay.

Best Use Cases

Essay-Builder.AI can be incredibly helpful in various situations such as:

  • Drafting initial versions of essays for refinement.
  • Generating ideas or content when facing writer's block.
  • Saving time when needing to write multiple essays.
  • Assisting in learning how to structure different types of essays.

The Good AI Essay Writer

The Good AI Essay Writer is a powerful tool that facilitates the process of writing essays. It simplifies the process of generating an essay or an essay outline, offering three primary ways to write essays:

1. AI Writer

The AI Writer is the most advanced feature of the platform. It allows users to automatically generate essays up to 1500 words by simply entering a topic and word count. After generating, users can edit the essay to make it their own.

2. AI Outliner

For users who prefer a more structured approach, the AI Outliner provides the ability to write an essay outline using just a topic. Users can then write each section of the essay, and if they get stuck along the way, the AI Auto-Complete feature can be used to provide assistance.

3. Blank Document

For those who want just a little help along the way, there's an option to begin with a blank document. Users can use the AI Auto-Complete feature to help with writing, which can be particularly useful to defend against writers' block.

How to Generate an Essay

To start using The Good AI Essay Writer, users need to sign in or enter their email by clicking "Try for free" in the top right of the screen. Users will then be directed to a menu which lets them choose from the three options discussed above. After selecting "AI Writer", users can enter their topic and how many words they would like their essay to be, and the platform handles the rest. If the generated essay is not quite right, users can simply click the restart icon at the bottom of the document to re-generate the essay.


The Good AI Essay Writer also offers an Auto-Complete feature. This feature can be used to generate additional content at the end of the essay. Users simply need to click the "+" at the bottom of the page and enter how many words they'd like to add on.

Embracing the power of AI tools in writing can be a game-changer, whether you're an academic, student, or professional writer. The four AI essay writing tools we've discussed offer an array of features designed to enhance your writing process, from ideation to the final draft. With these tools, you can reduce the time spent on mundane tasks, avoid plagiarism, and improve the overall quality and creativity of your essays. So why wait? Elevate your essay writing journey with these top-tier AI tools and witness the significant impact on your writing prowess and efficiency.