NeuralBox: Your External Visual Memory

Author: Elzat[email protected]
Publish on: 2023-08-04
NeuralBox is a camera and gallery app that helps you remember everything you see. With state-of-the-art AI, NeuralBox can index your photos and make it easy to find what you're looking for later.
Blog Pic NeuralBox: Your External Visual Memory

NeuralBox: Your External Visual Memory

A digital art style image of a smartphone with a camera lens, capturing various objects like clothes, documents, and product packaging, symbolizing the effortless photo capture feature of NeuralBox.

Introduction to NeuralBox

Welcome to the world of NeuralBox! A groundbreaking AI Photo app specially designed to store your "utility photos". Think of it as your Visual Second Brain, always ready to remember things for you.

We all come across stuff that's interesting or useful in our daily lives. Sometimes it's a piece of clothing that catches your eye, a screenshot of something intriguing, or even a receipt that you might need later. But, how do we remember all these?

Enter NeuralBox, your external visual memory. Snap a photo of anything you want to remember and drop it into NeuralBox. It could be anything - documents, clothes, product packaging, screenshots, you name it! With its efficient storage and state-of-the-art AI search capabilities, NeuralBox stands ready to capture as much as you want, whenever you want.

The beauty of NeuralBox is not just in its ability to capture but also in how effortlessly it lets you find everything later when needed. No complex organization, no folders or tags. Just type in what comes to mind about the image or memory and voila! You've found what you were looking for.

In the ocean of information we navigate daily, NeuralBox acts as your buoy - floating at the surface and keeping track of everything important. So why juggle memories when you can let NeuralBox do it for you? Embrace the future with this revolutionary visual second brain - NeuralBox.

Effortless Photo Capture

Redefining the way we capture and store memories, NeuralBox emerges as a visual virtuoso. With its range of features, capturing photos has never been more effortless and intuitive. The app provides multiple methods to ensure you never miss a moment:

  • Snap and store: Got something interesting in your sights? Just point, snap, and forget. NeuralBox will take care of the rest.
  • Screenshots made simple: Stumbled upon an exciting article or a recipe you want to try out? Use the Share extension to import screenshots directly into NeuralBox without cluttering your main gallery.
  • Relive memories: Import existing photos from your device's gallery into NeuralBox for efficient organization and easy retrieval.
  • Precision scanning: When it comes to documents where precision is paramount, NeuralBox's integrated scanning mode has got you covered.
  • Quick captures from lock screen widget: Even when on the move, NeuralBox ensures that you can capture what you need in a flash with its handy lock screen widget. A couple of taps, less than three seconds, and voila - your memory is stored!

This is how to use NeuralBox:

  1. Download the NeuralBox app from the App Store. Create an account and sign in. Screenshot 2023-08-04 094258.png

  2. Start taking photos or importing existing photos from your phone.


  1. NeuralBox will automatically index your photos and make them searchable by text, object, or color.

  2. You can also create folders and tags to organize your photos.

  3. To search for a photo, simply type in a keyword or phrase.

  4. NeuralBox will return a list of photos that match your search.

You can also browse your photos by date, folder, or tag.

To learn more about NeuralBox, visit the NeuralBox here!

Auto-Importing Screenshots

NeuralBox goes a step beyond to ensure none of your valuable captures are lost. Any screenshot taken but not directly imported into NeuralBox is automatically saved in your app the moment you open it. This auto-import feature is a game-changer when it comes to screenshot organization.

With NeuralBox, gone are the days of aimlessly swiping through your phone gallery searching for that one screenshot amidst hundreds. No need to fret about misplacing or accidentally deleting important screenshots ever again.

The advantages of this seamless import feature extend beyond just convenience. It also helps:

  1. Save time by eliminating the need for manual input.
  2. Enhance productivity by keeping all useful screenshots in one place.
  3. Facilitate easy retrieval with NeuralBox's powerful search capabilities.
  4. Free up space in the main gallery for your memorable moments.

By providing a separate space for utility photos, NeuralBox ensures your main gallery remains a place for memories while it takes on the role of your practical visual second brain.

So, whether it's an interesting infographic, a must-try recipe, a quirky outfit inspiration, a document for work, or just about anything that catches your eye - capturing and organizing has never been more effortless thanks to NeuralBox.

Powerful AI Image & OCR Search

Neural Search, the heart of NeuralBox, is powered by cutting-edge AI models. It's a digital sleuth, diving into the depths of your images, indexing both the objects and the text content within them. It's not just an image search; it's an OCR search, too.

Think of Neural Search as a personal search engine, specifically designed for your photos. Hunting for a specific object in your myriad captures? No sweat. Need to find a snippet of text within a sea of screenshots? Piece of cake! The power behind this search capability is breathtaking - no more wrestling with complex organization or battling with countless folders or tags.

Just type in what you're looking for. It could be as simple as 'red dress from summer vacation' or 'screenshot with bank account details.' The AI does the rest, delivering your memories on a silver platter. This is the magic of semantic image search and OCR search combined.

But wait, there's more! NeuralBox doesn't stop at merely locating your images. It offers a way to browse similar images, mimicking the human brain's inherent approach to organizing information.

Browsing Visually Similar Images

Ever noticed how your brain connects dots and recalls related memories? That's exactly what NeuralBox's image similarity browsing does. Select an image and let our advanced AI models fetch other images that are visually similar in color, texture, or shape.

This feature doesn't merely serve up similar pictures but weaves a web of related photos that span across different moments and events. Imagine selecting a photo of beautiful cherry blossoms from last spring, and suddenly you're presented with images of pink dresses you've captured, sunsets with hues of pink, or even those strawberry cupcakes from a bake sale!

So why stick to scrolling endlessly when you can hop, skip, and jump through your memories? It's a unique, intuitive, and efficient way to traverse the terrain of your captures. You'll be amazed at how this visual journey can spark joy, ignite forgotten moments, and even inspire fresh ideas.

NeuralBox isn't just an app; it's an extension of your memory - a beautiful blend of technology and human cognition. With its robust AI Image & OCR search capabilities, you're not just storing photos; you're creating a dynamic visual diary that's as easy to browse as it is fun to explore.


Stepping into the spotlight of today's tech-savvy world, NeuralBox redefines how we perceive and interact with our visual memories. The app's impressive features and benefits set it apart as a true visual memory champion.

Imagine an external hard drive for your mind. That's NeuralBox! Its ability to store and remember anything you see, from documents to clothing items, is a modern-day marvel. With NeuralBox, you're not just capturing photos; you're creating a rich tapestry of visual memory that can be accessed at any moment.

The AI power behind NeuralBox ensures efficiency is at its peak. Forget about the tedious task of searching through thousands of images on your phone. With NeuralBox, all it takes is a simple description or keyword to find what you're looking for. It’s like having a personal assistant who knows your photo collection inside out!

The simplicity and ease of using NeuralBox take the crown. Whether it's importing screenshots automatically or scanning documents precisely, every feature is designed to make your life easier.

Embrace NeuralBox, embrace the future of visual memory. Because in an age where we’re inundated with information, remembering everything you see shouldn't be a chore but a joyride!